The G2 is my flagship model and is built very much in the tradition of arched top jazz guitars. It features carved bookmatched top and back plates, parallel braced top, bent rim sides, kerfed linings, full binding all around, bound traditional f-holes, and a curly maple neck with an integrated re-enforcement/dual acting truss rod system of my own design. The sound chamber is carefully sized to react with an amplifier so that desirable harmonics are emphasized, and the standard electronics provide the most useful tonal variations in an easy layout.

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The G4 is a guitar with the feel and look of a solid-body but having an open sound chamber to allow some nice woody tone to get in. I developed this guitar partly to provide an option for a lower priced instrument, but I think it stands up pretty well on its own. As with the G2, the top is parallel-braced and there is no internal block connecting the top to the back, but the sound chamber is somewhat smaller resulting in tighter sound and more easily controllable feedback. It also has a more sculpted look and a cutaway body for a comfortable hang. It features full binding all around, pearl and abalone inlay

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