Thanks for visiting my site. We've kept it pretty simple, mostly just pictures that will be updated from time to time. After years of building guitars on the side and selling them by word of mouth, I'm happy to be building full time now and offering them to a wider audience. Please look around; I hope you see something you like.

Paul R. Languedoc

News : October, 2009

Thanks to the people who have sent me congratulations for the first anniversary of the last time I updated. We'll be adding some pictures and we have updated the FAQ page. Some of you have been wondering if I'm still building guitars, and the answer is that I've been building as fast as I can, but it seems that demand is outstripping supply. Thank you all for your continued interest, I'm very sorry if some of you have been waiting so long for replies to emails. No big news except that I'm adding wood binding as an option, took me a while to figure out how to bend those tight curves.

That's all for now
Paul L.

Update : November, 2009

New photos posted in the gallery section.